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The Ultimate Guide to Throwing the Best Karaoke Party

August 26, 2016
Karaoke parties

So you think all you need is a videoke machine with a lone microphone to keep the party going? We can’t dispute the fact that a karaoke, or loosely called as ‘videoke,’ is the life of every Filipino party (second to food). That microphone has some kind of mystical force and makes anyone a hulk – err – a natural born star!

Anyway, as we were saying, a wireless karaoke machine may be one of Filipino party essentials. But it won’t get you anywhere—promise!—if your number one goal is to host a karaoke party that can be the talk of the town.

What are you waiting for? Read on because you have so many things to do!

Before the party

Say what? Is giving away invitations a little bit formal?

Nope. Just don’t put ribbons on it and it will be fine. It also gives you the satisfaction because you’re like sending a “death threat” because who gets excited when they receive a karaoke invite? It is as if you’ve invited someone to compete in a national debate! Just choose light and fun wordings, promise food, and your good to party.

In the Philippines, the typical setting is the sidewalk; sometimes even occupying half the portion of a street. A tent is pitched up so you can jam rain or shine, and a couple of tables and chairs is set up for food and refreshment. Another venue is inside the house. If you love thy neighbor, you will choose a discreet venue or a soundproofed room and go as far as notify the local authorities that you’re going to have a karaoke session.

If this is just a karaoke party then why the heck do I have to decorate?!

Before you whine again, let me explain. This is to set the mood and the atmosphere. You can do this by hanging party lights, a disco ball, or putting up a spotlight. Party Games Plus suggests a fog machine, haze, or bubble-making machines if you want to go all out. Also, build a little stage in the corner where the back leads to a changing room.

Changing room
I know you’re itching to click that back button but I swear this is going to be worth it. Let me give you a little background: Japanese are the lords of karaoke since the 1970s. They know how to get into character while singing by simply dressing up. They are the master of cosplaying, too. Karaoke plus cosplaying is an absolute combo breaker. As explained by Askmen.com in their Japan Travel Guide, “…karaoke is served with a side of dress up. Rock out while looking like your favorite anime character or try on period costumes, funny hats and accessories.”

The ideal karaoke arsenal includes a wireless karaoke machine loaded with song tracks, two wireless microphones (in case someone is singing in duet), and a sound system that could handle live vocals, Gizmodo advises.

Snacks and drinks
Since everyone wants to get hold of that microphone, serve finger foods or bite-size snacks only. Avoid preparing meals that needs utensils to eat. You don’t want your guests to be preoccupied, right? As for drinks, juice or cocktails are fine.

During the party

A little intro.
You don’t need a cue card for this task. Gather your guests and tell where the microphone is located (this is very important, I’m telling you), the snacks and beverage station for refreshment, and why there is a changing room with lots of weird stuff.

Karaoke etiquette.
Never skip this part to avoid misunderstandings or fights among your guests. Remember the power of the microphone. For your guidance, here is a short karaoke etiquette guide I got from Japan National Tourism Organization:

Support your comrades. It isn’t about being the best: it’s about relaxing and having fun.
No mic hogs! Once you put a song in, pass the device around to give someone else a chance to put in a different song.
Focus on the person singing. Generally Japanese people will try to focus on and support the singer by clapping along or banging a tambourine.
Choose wisely and you shall be rewarded. When you choose a popular song that everybody knows, you’ll be a smash hit no matter how you sing!

Let the party begin!

We don’t need to elaborate this. You know the drill.

After the party

Sing hallelujah at the top of your lungs because you’ve just managed to pull off the coolest karaoke party in the block! Good job!

See? A wireless karaoke machine is not enough.


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